Our Lucky Charms

Naturally the human being has always had the need to give an explanation to the unknown, which has made us superstitious, a belief very anchored to our society. This has resulted in the creation of some elements or symbols that have been associated with a power or value such as luck, protection, love, religious beliefs, etc…

This symbolism or iconography has moved to the world of jewellery since it has been able to make these beliefs tangible and create objects that can always accompany us.

  1. The Tree of life: this symbol alludes to different fields, so its meaning is varied. From its biblical sense it means the union between man and God or the union between good and evil. On the other hand, referring to biology, it acquires a meaning of evolution, that is to say, this tree is interpreted as a source of wisdom or knowledge, like an amulet of the luck or of protection to those that carry it.
  2. Hand of Fatima: One of the most popular objects in the Muslim culture and now increasingly extended, means the hand of God, which protects from evils. Specifically, it is associated with Fatima, the daughter of Mohammed, which is considered as emblem of good luck.
  3. Horseshoes: Popularly they are considered as good luck amulets. Its origin is more diffuse, but it is believed that this characteristic is associated because these objects were placed on the hooves of the horses to offer protection. It is also believed that its symbology relates to the shape of the moon and consequently becomes a symbol of protection.
  4. Animals: There are some animals in particular that have been considered for a long time as sacred and as good luck amulets. Animals like the elephant, the owl, the beetle or the dolphin are an example of this. To each one they are applied different like the intelligence (of the Owl), the abundance (of the Frogs), the luck (of the elephant) or the health (of the Rabbit)

All these symbols have been faithfully reproduced by the jewellery since time immemorial for all the world either to carry them on or to place them in the hearth and whether they are of material that they are, from gold and silver to using precious stones.

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