Learn to keep your jewels

From Class and jewellery we tell you what advice you can follow when it comes to cleaning and preserving your most precious gems without having to suffer the passage of time.

Any jewel can accumulate impurities and dirt with the use of day to day or simply keep them and, what everyone wants, is that these pieces remain intact and perfect as the day they were bought.

A basic cleaning begins by putting hot water in a bowl, not too hot as this can have a negative effect and can cause cracks in the workpiece. We also add a little dishwashing detergent and mix until it dissolves well.

In this mixture we will have to insert our jewels and let them rest in the water for at least 15 minutes. In an exclusive way, if those jewels have pearls, you will have to reduce the time by approximately half as you can weaken the glue of the pearl.

Once this time has passed, with a soft brush you will have to rub each piece individually and try to reach all the spaces where dirt can accumulate.

After this step, we will have to rinse the jewels with clean warm water until there is no remaining soap.

Finally, we will have to dry each piece with a soft cloth and then let it dry completely outdoors.

It is also important for our jewels to preserve these. So we recommend that you keep them in individual bags of cloth, so we can avoid rubbing each other and make some scratch.

An important point is that we must try to perfume before placing the jewels or, perfuming in places where they can not match these two products as the chemical components of fragrances directly affect the pieces.

Another tip is that we try not to swim with the jewels put, either at home, in the pool or on the beach, because each of these sites is detrimental to these, chlorine, salt or soaps can deteriorate.

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