Learn to keep your jewels

From Class and jewellery we tell you what advice you can follow when it comes to cleaning and preserving your most precious gems without having to suffer the passage of time. Any jewel can accumulate impurities and dirt with the use of day to day or simply keep them and, what everyone wants, is that these pieces remain intact and...
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Our Lucky Charms

Naturally the human being has always had the need to give an explanation to the unknown, which has made us superstitious, a belief very anchored to our society. This has resulted in the creation of some elements or symbols that have been associated with a power or value such as luck, protection, love, religious beliefs, etc... This symbolism or iconography...
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What you didn't know about pearls

For all is known the origin of Pearls. Usually small balls that are generated inside some molluscs, usually oysters, when you introduce any foreign body within them, which generate a layer of what is known as nacre, creating more and more layers until Get the Pearl, which, on average, takes about 10 years to be created altogether. These balls in...
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